My Lumpectomy

The surgeon skipped doing a needle biopsy and went straight for a lumpectomy. I went to the hospital very early in the morning as an outpatient. The morning wait was long - one person had the operating room ahead of me and then there was an emergeny appendectomy. The doctor shook me to wake me to say it was cancer. I rolled onto my side, pulled my knees up in fetal position, and cried and cried. I don't remember thinking anything, no words. Just emotion. Later on I cried, thinking to myself my daughter is too young (10) for her mommy to die.

I would have to return in about a week to have the margins and lymph nodes checked. For now it's up to the lab to test the lump for the individual characteristics of my cancer.

My tumor was about 10mm. My scar is about 2 inches long.

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