Daffodil Days

I went to the Wellness Center last week and was presented with a small bunch of daffodils. Someone had donated heaps and heaps of bouquets to the center and in turn they were handing them out to their visitors and members.

Every year, during the two months before the first day of spring, cancer societies across the globe sell daffodils. Daffodils were chosen because they are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring and are a "message of hope." The daffodils are sold to individuals, businesses, schools and organizations. Many are donated to cancer treatment centers that in turn give them to their patients. The funds raised are used to help people facing cancer get testing and treatment, push for laws toward access to screening and health care for everybody, as well as fund research to find causes and cures.

In the northern hemisphere, daffodil orders are collected in January and February. In the southern hemisphere, they are taken in May and June. Growers are usually near the equator - if their spring weather stays mild and allows a longer growing season, then orders might be taken for a few extra weeks into the next month. Anyone can sell as well as buy daffodils. Below is a list of participating societies.

American Cancer Society

Australian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society

Irish Cancer Society

Marie Cure Cancer of Care of The United Kingdom

New Zealand Cancer Society

Please tell me if there are other countries with cancer societies that sell daffodils and I will add their links to my list. Thanks!

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