Famous People Who Died From Breast Cancer

The following list is from Wikipedia. These are famous people, celebrities and other notable people who lost their battles with breast cancer:

Lila Abboud, mother of noted Lebanese-American clothing designer Joseph Abboud; Abboud's sister also died due to breast cancer.

Kathy Acker, American author (died at age 50)

Margery Allingham, British mystery writer (died at age 62)

Generosa Ammon, widow of murdered New York businessman and multimillionaire Ted Ammon (died at age 47).

Luana Anders, American film actress (died at age 58).

V. C. Andrews, American horror fiction writer (died at age 62).

Mary Anning, British fossil collector and paleontologist (died at age 48).

Anne of Austria, mother of King Louis XIV of France and Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, wife of King Louis XIII of France, daughter of Habsburg parents, King Philip III of Spain and Margarita of Austria, sister of Philip IV of Spain, aunt and mother-in-law of Spanish Habsburg princess Maria Theresa of Spain, and possible lover of French Prime Minister Jules Cardinal Mazarin (died at age 66).

Brenda ("Mardi") Nowak Arquette, psychiatrist and mother of American actors Patricia, Rosanna, Ale, Richmond and David Arquette, and wife of actor Lewis Arquette and daughter-in-law of actor Cliff Arquette (died in 1997).

Mary Astell, English philosopher and feminist writer (died at age 65)

Judi Bari, American environmentalist and labor leader (died at age 47).

Jeanne Bates, American film actress (died at age 89).

Sally Belfrage, American author and journalist (died at age 57).

Frances Belzer, mother of American actor, Richard Belzer (died when Richard was 18 years old).

Ingrid Bergman, Oscar-winning star Swedish actress (died at age 67).

Betty Berzon, American psychotherapist and lesbian activist (died at age 78).

Bibi Besch, Austrian-born American actress (died at age 56).

Colette Besson, French athlete (died at age 59).

Rose Elizabeth Bird, first female Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court (died at age 63).

Carina Bleeth, French-Algerian-born American model, businesswoman and mother of American actress Yasmine Bleeth (died at age 47 when Yasmine was 20 years old).

Brandi Borr, American stand-up comedian (died at age 39).

Anita O. Bowser, former Indiana State Senator (died at age 86).

Mary Brogan, wife of Florida politician Frank Brogan.

Vanessa Brown, Austrian-born American actress.

Coral Browne, Australian-born American actress (died at age 77).

Mary-Ellis Bunim, American film/TV producer (died at age 57).

Barbara Burton, wife of American politician Dan Burton, United States Representative from Indiana (died at age 65).

Rachel Carson, American environmentalist and author of Silent Spring (died at age 56).

Rose Chan, Chinese-born "Queen of Striptease" exotic dancer (died at age 62).

Elizabeth Ries Chavira, mother of American actor Ricardo Antonio Chavira (died at age 43 when Ricardo was 15 years old).

Madonna Louise Ciccone, mother of American singer/songwriter Madonna (died at age 30 when Madonna was 5 years old).

Cassie Cisyk, Ukrainian-American soprano (died at age 44).

Heather Clarke, wife of Northern Irish golfer Darren Clarke (died at age 39).

Doris Coley, African-American singer (one of The Shirelles) (died at age 58).

Joan Riddell Cook, American journalist and labor activist; founded JAWS (Journalism and Women Symposium) died in 1995 (died at age 73).

Norma Crane, American actress (died at age 44).

Linda Creed, American songwriter (died at age 37).

Mary Culpeper, mother of English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper (died circa 1635).

Faye Dancer, former star of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and the inspiration for Madonna's character in the film A League of Their Own (died at age 77).

Julia Darling, award-winning British writer (died at age 48).

Bette Davis, American Oscar-winning star actress (died at age 81).

Jo Ann Davis, U.S. Representative from the State of Virginia (died at age 57).

Skeeter Davis, American Grand Ole Opry star (died at age 72).

Cecilia de la Hoya, mother of Mexican-American boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya (died at age 35).

Mary Jean Woolslair Denton, mother of American actor James Denton (died in 2002).

Helen Dewar, American reporter for the Washington Post newspaper (died at age 70).

Kelly Jo Dowd, American mother of 13-year-old American golf protege, Dakoda Dowd; cancer has metastasized).

Siobhan Dowd, British children's writer (died at age 47).

Shirley Graham DuBois, African-American author, playwright, composer, activist and wife of noted African-American thinker, writer, and activist W. E. B. DuBois (died at age 80).

Peggy Duff, British political activist and organiser of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmamen (died at age 71).

Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon, London-born Canadian early 20th century fashion designer known as "Lucile"; sister to screenwriter Elinor Glyn (died at age ).

Eileen Dugan, Brooklyn, New York State Assemblywoman (died at age 51).

Julie Ege, Norwegian actress

Belinda Emmett, Australian actress (died at age 32).

Miriam Engelberg, San Francisco-based graphic writer/blogger (died at age 48).

Margaret Ewing, Scottish National Party politician and Member of the Scottish Parliament and wife of fellow MSP Fergus Ewing (died at age 60).

Judith Campbell Exner, JFK relationship-related American celebrity (died at age 65).

Oriana Fallaci, Italian writer and journalist (died at age 77).

Faith Fancher, African-American television journalist for KTVU and breast cancer activist (died at age 53).

Heather Farr, American LPGA Tour golfer (died at age 28).

Sandra Feldman, former president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) (died at age 65).

Sandra Regina Machado Arantes do Nascimento Felinto, Brazilian politician; daughter of soccor player Pelé (died at age 42).

Kathleen Ferrier, British opera singer (died at age 41).

Syvilla Fort, African-American dancer and choreographer (died at age 58).

Lacey Fosburgh, American author and wife of American author David Harris (died around age 50).

Kay Francis, American film star of the 1930s (died at age 63).

Georgia Frontiere, American businesswoman; owner of the NFL team, the Saint Louis Rams (died at age 80).

Kathryn Frost, Retired U.S. Army Major-General and former Commander of the United States Army and Air Force Exchange Service from August 2002 to April 2005, wife of Martin Frost, former Democrat U.S. Representative from Texas (died at age 57).

Bea Gaddy, African-American Baltimore City Council member and advocate for the poor (died at age 68).

Helen Gahagan, American actress and (under the name Helen Gahagan Douglas) a politician; wife of actor Melvyn Douglas (died at age 80).

Betty George, American musical theatre actress (died on November 16, 2007).

Megan Lloyd George, British politician, daughter of Prime Minister David Lloyd George (died at age 64).

Sophie Germain, French mathematician (died at age 55).

Yamila Cuevas Gharib, mother of Colombian-Lebanese U.S. singer/songwriter, Soraya (died in 1992 when Soraya was 22 years old).

Margaret Gibson, Canadian novelist (died at age 57).

Barbara Gittings, LGBT activist (died at age 74)

Shirley Glass, psychotherapist, author of Not Just Friends and mother of public radio personality Ira Glass (died at age 67).

Gloria Grahame, Oscar-winning American actress (died at age 57).

Betty Gray, younger sister of American actress Linda Gray (died in 1989).

Kate Greenaway, British illustrator (died at age 55).

Lady Augusta Gregory, Irish nationalist landowner (died at age 80).

Alvaleta Guess, African-American film actor and Broadway performer (died at age 41 in 1996).

Florence Halop, American comedienne/comedic actress (died at age 63).

Fannie Lou Hamer, African-American anti-segregation activist (died at age 59).

Sara Henderson, Australian author and pastoralist (died at age 68).

Dorothy Hewett, Australian writer (died at age 79).

Regine Hildebrandt, German biologist and politician (died at age 60).

Klara Hitler, Austrian mother of Adolf Hitler (died at age 47).

Anita Hoffman, American writer and wife of former "Yippie" activist Abbie Hoffman (died at age 56).

Judy Holliday, American Oscar-winning star actress (died at age 43).

Bertha Holte, mother of African-American singer/author/actress Patti LaBelle; Patti watched her mother as well as her three sisters all die of cancer before any of them reached 45 years of age.

Shirley Horn, African-American jazz singer; died due to complications of diabetes and breast cancer (died at age 71).

Lady Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, first wife of James, Duke of York (the future King James II of England), mother of Queen Mary II of England and Queen Anne of Great Britain and daughter of Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon (died at age 34).

Jeanne Hyde, wife of U.S. Congressman Henry Hyde (died in 1992).

Diana Hyland, American actress (died at age 41).

Trina Schart Hyman, American children's book illustrator (died at age 65).

Jill Ireland, British actress, wife of American actor Charles Bronson (died at age 54).

Molly Ivins, American journalist and author succumbed to inflammatory breast cancer (died at age 62).

Alice James, American diarist, sister of American psychologist William James and American author Henry James and daughter of American theologian Henry James Sr. (died at age 43).

Jessica James, American actress of stage, film and television (died at age 60).

Pauline Johnson, Native Canadian poet and orator, who was born on the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario, Canada (died at age 52).

Fannie Ann Little Jones, mother of African-American rapper Nas (died in 2002).

Puma Jones, American singer (Black Uhuru) (died at age 36).

June Jordan, African-American professor of African-American studies, poet and author of 28 books (died at age 62).

Helen Kane, American singer and entertainer (died at age 62).

Barbara Ann Karmanos (died in 1989)

Caron Keating, Northern Irish celebrity (died at age 41).

Marie Keating, mother of Irish singer Ronan Keating (died in 1998).

Virginia Clinton Kelley, American mother of former President Bill Clinton (died at age 71).

Margaret Kilgallen, American artist (died at age 33)

Susan G. Komen, American breast cancer activist; sister of Nancy Brinker (died at 36 years of age).

Marianna Komlos, Canadian bodybuilder and fitness model (died at age 35).

Irene Kral, American jazz singer (died at age 46).

Helen Gorman Kushnick, NYC-born Hollywood producer (died at age 51).

Jewel Lafontant, Republican politician from Cook County, Illinois

Mary Lakes, mother of American Florida Gators football player Reggie Nelson (died on December 21, 2006).

Paula Schlesinger Lang, mother of Austrian-American film director Fritz Lang.

Joi Lansing, American actress (died at age 43).

Jennifer Lash aka Jini Fiennes; British writer/artist; mother of six-Ralph, Martha, Joseph, Magnus, Sophie and Jacob Fiennes (died at age 55).

Thomasina Lawson, daughter of former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Nigel Lawson and sister of British journalists Nigella Lawson and Dominic Lawson (died at age 32).

Beatrix Hamilton Leacock, wife of Canadian writer Stephen Leacock (died in 1925).

Frances Lear, Lear magazine publisher and ex-wife of American TV producer Norman Lear (died at age 73).

Violette Leduc, French author (died at age 65).

Elisabeth Leseur, French diarist (died at age 47).

Nikolai Leskov, male Russian writer (died at age 64).

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, American opera singer; in 2000 her younger sister Alexis also died due to breast cancer (died at age 52).

Ronnie Lippin, music industry publicist/business manager (died at age 59).

Audre Lorde, African-American author (died at age 58).

Juliette Gordon Low, American Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA (died at age 67).

Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Two years before, her twin sister, Noraini, also died due to breast cancer. (died at age 64).

Shirley Ardell Mason, American artist, inspiration for the book and film of the life of "Sybil" (died at age 75).

Denise McAllister, wife of former Scottish football captain Gary McAllister (died aged 39).

Lady Linda McCartney, American singer, activist, wife of former British Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney (died at age 56).

Mary Mohin McCartney, County Monaghan, Ireland-born mother of "Beatle" Sir Paul McCartney (died when Paul was 14 years old).

Mary McCollough, mother of African-American actor, Bernie Mac (died during Bernie's sophomore year of high school).

Hattie McDaniel, African-American actress (died at age 57).

Susan McManus McGahern, mother of late Irish writer, John McGahern (died in 1943)

William McGhee (aka Bill McGhee), African-American actor (died at age 76).

Jane McGrath, wife of Australian cricket champion Glenn McGrath

Sarah Parkinson Merton, screenwriter and wife of British actor Paul Merton (died on 23 September 2003).

Sylvia Millecam, Dutch actress (died at age 45).

Mary of Modena, Italian-born Queen Consort of King James II of England (died at age 59).

Charlotte Moorman, American cellist and performance artist (died at age 57).

Bernadette Doyle Mowbray, late wife of Scottish footballer/manager, Tony Mowbray

Jean Muir, English fashion designer (died at age 66).

Melissa Nathan, British novelist (died at age 37 on April 7, 2006).

John W. Nick, namesake of The John W. Nick Foundation, founded "to help eradicate breast cancer in men and women through education, prevention, early detection, state of the art treatment, and to provide support groups, and services to cancer patients and their families."

Eileen O'Connell, Nova Scotian Member of the Legislative Assembly for the riding (constituency) of Halifax-Fairview (died on September 27, 2000).

Roseann Murtha O'Donnell, the mother of American actress/television personality/comedian Rosie O'Donnell (died at age 38).

Siobhan O'Hanlon, Northern Irish Sinn Féin official and former PIRA member (died at age 43 on April 11, 2006).

Gayle Olinekova, Canadian marathon runner and bodybuilder (died at age 50).

Elizabeth Owens (aka Kathe Schneider Feist), American actress and theatre producer (died on March 8, 2005, aged 77).

Grace Paley, American poet, writer and political activist (died at age 84).

Edith Pechey, aka Mary Edith Pechey-Phipson; one of the first British female doctors and a women's rights activist (died at age 63).

Jacqueline Peart, wife of Canadian musician Neil Peart (died in 1998).

Susan Peretz, American film and television actress (died at age 64).

Ruth Picardie, British writer (died at age 33).

Margaret Morgan Potter, wife of British writer Dennis Potter (died in 1994 shortly before her own husband's death).

Barbara Pym, British author/writer (died at age 66).

Dina Rabinovitch, British writer and journalist (died at age 44).

Irma Rangel, American politician, Texas State Representative; died of inflammatory breast cancer (died at age 71).

Deirdre Redgrave, née Hamilton-Hill, wife of British actor Corin Redgrave and mother of British actress Jemma Redgrave (died in 1997).

Sherill Lynn Rettino, American actress (died at age 39).

Angelena Rice, mother of United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (died in 1985 at age 61).

Kathleen Fenton Richards, mother of American actresses Kyle Richards, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton, and the maternal grandmother of Paris and Nicky Hilton (died in March 2003).

Minnie Riperton, American singer, mother of American actress Maya Rudolph (died at age 31).

Lila Roberts, former model and mother of Canadian model and actress Rachel Roberts (died in 1995).

Toby Robins, Canadian actress and television journalist (died at age 55).

Rod Roddy, American male radio and television announcer (died at age 66 of breast and colon cancers).

Roxie Roker, American actress, mother of American singer/songwriter Lenny Kravitz (died at age 66).

Patsy Rowlands, British actress (died at age 71).

Rosalind Russell, American star actress (died at age 69).

Caroline St John-Brooks, British journalist and academic (died at age 56).

Lyudmila Salita, mother of boxer Dmitry Salita (died in 1999).

May Sarton, Belgium-born American poet, novelist, and memoirist (died at age 83).

Delia Scala, Italian actress (died at age 74).

Jane Scott, English writer, dramatist and theatre manager (died in 1839, aged 59).

Irene Mayer Selznick, American theatrical producer (died at age 83)

Penny L. Severns, Illinois State Senator (died at age 46 in 1998).

Elizabeth Seymour, Duchess of Somerset (died at age 55).

Carol Shields, Canada-based U.S. author (died at age 68).

Marjorie Shostak, American anthropologist (died at age 51).

Dorothy Shula, wife of former American Miami Dolphins football coach Don Shula who founded the Don Shula Foundation for breast cancer research (died in 1991).

Rosalie (Ricky) Gaull Silberman, American activist who co-founded the Independent Women's Forum (died at age 69).

Charlotte Smith (née Hennessy), mother of screen legend Mary Pickford & co-founder of United Artists, (died in 1928).

Soraya, (full-name Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas), Colombian-American singer, songwriter, guitarist, arranger, and record producer, as well as breast cancer advocate (died aged 37).

Jo Spence, British photographer (died at age 58).

Wendie Jo Sperber, American actress (died at age 47).

Dusty Springfield, British songwriter/singer (died at age 59).

Athena Starwoman, world-famous astrologer, columnist for Vogue and Woman's Day, and TV commentator. (died in her mid-50s).

Doris J. Stein, American philanthropist and mother of Susan Stein-Shiva

Susan Stein-Shiva, American philanthropis, daughter of Doris J. Stein

Nettie Stevens, American geneticist (died at age 50).

Glenda Stewart, wife of artist Mark Stewart (died in September 1995).

Hendrickje Stoffels, artist model and mistress of Dutch artist Rembrandt.

Marie Stopes, Scottish author and birth control advocate (died at age 78).

Susan Strasberg, American actress; daughter of theatre director and drama coach Lee Strasberg and Paula Strasberg, and the sister of John Strasberg (died at age 60).

Pauline Styron, mother of writer and novelist William Styron (died in 1939)

Audrey Cowell Sumner, mother of British actor/singer/activist Sting (died in 1987).

Rell Sunn, American world surfing champion (died at age 47).

Jacqueline Susann, American writer (died at age 56).

Myfanwy Talog, Welsh actress and long-term common-law-spouse of British actor Sir David Jason (died at age 49).

Patti Tate, crime victims activist and sister of Manson Family murder victim actress Sharon Tate (died at age 42).

Mary Gay Taylor, WCBS-AM radio reporter/radio personality (died at age 71).

Empress Theodora, empress of the Byzantine Empire and wife of Emperor Justinian I; both are commemorated on November 14 as saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church (died before the age of 50).

Betty Thompson, Canadian television host of a children's programme produced at CKCO's studios (died at age 60).

Dorothy Perry Thompson, African-American professor and poet (died at age 68).

Penny Thomson, Scottish theatre and television director (died at age 56).

Jane Tomlinson, British athlete and campaigner/fund raiser for cancer charities (died at age 43).
Marietta Peabody Tree, American socialite and political activist (died at age 74).

Louise Troy, American actress and wife of British actor Douglas Seale (died at age 60).

Danitra Vance, African-American actress (died at age 40).

Vivian Vance, American actress, singer (died at age 70); also suffered from bone cancer as a result of metastasis.

Annabelle Lane Vincent, Kentucky Democratic politician and member of the Kentucky Democratic State Executive Committee (died at age 55)

Geraldine Warrick-Crisman, African-American television executive and former assistant New Jersey state treasurer (died at age 76).

Angela Webber, 52, Australian comedienne and writer (died at age 52).

Dolly Wilde, Anglo-Irish socialite & niece of writer Oscar Wilde; diagnosed with breast cancer in 1939, died two years later of uncertain causes.

Suzie Shapiro Wilson, mother of American child actress Mara Wilson (died at age 46 when Mara was 9 years old).

Stephanie Williams, American journalist and author (died at age 32).

Thelma Wood, American sculptor (died at age 69).

Syreeta Wright, African-American singer/songwriter and ex-wife of African-American singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder; (died at age 58)

Chen Xiaoxu, Chinese actress and Buddhist nun (died at age 41)

Kim Yale, writer and editor for multiple comic book companies, including Marvel, DC, First and Warp Graphics; wife of fellow comics creator John Ostrander.

Amalie von Wallmoden, Countess of Yarmouth (died at age 61).

Judith D. Zuk, American conservationist, horticulturist and environmentalist (died at age 55).


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Nina Simone - African American soul singer; famous for "Sinnerman"; "Feeling Good", & "I put a spell on you" - 2003

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